When is a TV Series a Video Game? A Video Game a Series?

Aw, you guessed it, when it’s DEFIANCE:

Will Syfy’s Defiance succeed in crossing over between television and gaming?
by Keith Veronese

Syfy’s new show Defiance aims to combine a traditional TV show with an online gaming experience. And based on what we saw yesterday, Syfy might just pull it off.

One part science fiction series, one part story about the melting pot of a burgeoning society,Defiance features seven alien species looking for asylum after a huge disaster. The twist? The television show takes place in the town of Defiance (the modern-day St. Louis) — while Defiance‘s massively multiplayer online shooter takes place two thousand miles away in San Francisco. Players will go on missions — and your choices in the MMO can wind up affecting the outcome of the TV show.

Set 35 years in the future, Defiance tells the story of a planet ravaged by decades of war after a forced population influx.

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This just in: munchman’s girlfriend says she’ll never watch this show. “Play? Play? But I’m tired of interacting. I just want to sit back and be entertained.”

Hmm, now we know why “convergence” never worked. And why munchman’s the way he is. Hope DEFIANCE has better luck.

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