TV Ad Spending is Way Up, So Why’re the Nets Still Bitching?

Can you see us raising our hands? Cuz we know the answer, as in what the numbers seem to be saying is that more people with less money to spend are watching the tubes. So the apparent windfall really isn’t.

Or something like that.


TV Spending Nears $80 Billion, DVR Penetration Chasing 50%
by David Goetzl

Wasn’t one supposed to kill the other? Annual TV ad spending is closing in on the $80 million mark, while DVRs could soon be in 50% of U.S. homes by the start of the new TV season.

In an annual report, Nielsen estimates 46% of homes have a DVR, marking a 9% increase over the prior TV season. Meanwhile, the research firm says the U.S. TV market generated $76.5 million in spending in 2012, a 6.5% increase.

Without spending attached to an Olympics or federal elections, the growth rate likely won’t be as robust this year, but a less than 5% increase would still propel the total market beyond $80 billion.

Reality TV continues to deserve some credit. Last year, nearly 40% of all ad dollars were spent in prime time. While drama programming drew the most of any genre at $7.8 billion, the $5.6 billion spent in reality TV dwarfed the $2.7 billion for comedies.

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