Today’s TV Writing Deals Dept: 10/11/12

“We do it for love. But that doesn’t mean we should turn down the money.” Old Writerly Saying

  • Joe Wiseman & Joe Port (NEW GIRL) have sold JOE & JOE & JANE, an autobiographical comedy, to NBC with a pilot production commitment. (Not going to say anything snarky or negative about this deal, nosirree, because Joe Wiseman is one of our favorite people…and a former student of Our Very Own LB.)
  • Gabe Sachs & Jeff Judah (90210) are writing a medical drama pilot about Army doctors working the late shift for NBC. (Not saying anything snarky or negative about this deal either, un-uh, even though we don’t know ’em, because we don’t want anybody to say we’re playing favorites)
  • BROAD CITY, a web series by Abbi Jacobson & Illana Glazer, has been given a pilot order by Comedy Central. (Further evidence, if anybody needs it, that web series are the way to go!)
  • Lena Dunham (GIRLS) has gotten what she wanted for her memoir/advice book – over $3,500,000. (Time to start the hating. Who wants to start?)
  • Ken Sanzel (NUMB3RS) is writing 2 drama pilots, GEN MISHIMA and HOOD for NBC. The first is an adaptation of a Chilean series (no, we aren’t going to comment – we swear), while the latter is a contemporary Robin Hood kind of thingie that NBC hopes will become the next PERSON OF INTEREST. (Note to NBC: That ain’t gonna happen without a writer-producer named Nolan. Just sayin’.)