Peggy Bechko: Life Lessons for Writers…and Others

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by Peggy Bechko

Having been a writer over the course of years, I’ve learned many lessons. So, I thought I’d share some of them with fellow writers and at the same time give readers a glimpse into the writer’s life.

Here’s the thing. A writing life is a great life. BUT, some additional planning needs to go in to it above and beyond what working at say an office or a store or another profession might require. I mean, stuff happens.

And, when it happens, you’re a self-employed indie with few resources other than the ones you’ve prepared and planned on. If you’re ‘laid off’, i.e. can’t get a writing gig at the moment, you don’t have unemployment. You also no doubt don’t have health insurance. Some writers take the route of having an outside job for money as well as benefits, but if you are exclusively an Indie, welllll….. you need to plan for the down times. read article