STRIKE BACK Returns to Cinemax This Month

…And we never knew it existed. Or, for that matter, that Cinemax had, like, its own series. Where have we %#@!en been?

Here’s what Cinemax.Com has to say about the show:

A high-octane, globe-spanning thriller with storylines ripped from today’s headlines, Strike Back, Cinemax’s first scripted prime-time original drama series, focuses on two members of a top-secret intelligence agency known as Section 20: Michael Stonebridge, a British sergeant on the elite counter-terrorism team, and Damien Scott, a former U.S. Delta Force operative who was discharged on the eve of the U.S. invasion of Iraq. Stonebridge, Scott and the rest of Section 20 criss-cross the globe on the trail of a deadly international terrorist named Latif, who is planning a major attack involving a cache of WMD that could have global repercussions.

If this thing is written even half as overheatedly as the discription, whoa, viewers, are you gonna be sorry in for a treat.

Or, you know, not.

We’re going to take it upon ourselves to find out more about Cinemax’s slate of STRIKE BACK and the upcoming HUNTED. Maybe we’ll tell you about it. Maybe we’ll just be quietly disgusted. Maybe we’ll pat ourselves on the back in honor of our ignorance or good taste, whichever our snarkiness turns out to be demonstrating.

Maybe we’ll wise up and just pipe down.

Nickelodeon is Actually Hiring Pros to Develop Shows

We mean genuine big-timers who’ve worked on series like FRASIER, REBA, SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS, iCARLY, etc. What is this strange feeling in our chests? Oh, right…hope!

Yes, this is Noah Munck. No, we have absolutely no idea who Noah Munck is. But we want his hair.

Two Spinoffs, Animated Pilot From ‘SpongeBob’ Scribe Part of Ambitious Nickelodeon Slate – by Lesley Goldberg

As the children’s-themed network prepares to launch live-action comedy See Dad Run with Scott Baioand the animated Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in the fall, it handed out orders to four live-action series and five pilots. In addition, Nick on Friday picked up three animated series and two animated pilots…

The ambitious push comes as Nickelodeon attempts to remain competitive in an increasingly crowded landscape where outlets including Netflix and the Internet are among the rivals. For the first time in 16 years, Nick’s top competitor, Disney Channel, ended 2011 as the No. 1 kids network.

Here’s a look at Nick’s upcoming slate:



Sam & Cat (Nickelodeon pilot/working title): In the comedic spinoff from iCarly and Victorious creator Schneider, feisty Sam Puckett (Jennette McCurdy) and daffy Cat Valentine (Ariana Grande) become best buddies and unlikely roommates. They love their freedom and independence but quickly realize that fun and adventure do not come cheap. Rather than get traditional after-school jobs, Sam and Cat become teen entrepreneurs by starting their own baby-sitting business.

Gibby (Nickelodeon pilot/working title): Munck reprises his role as Gibby in the spinoff from iCarly creator Schneider. In the comedy pilot, Gibby takes a job at The Bixby, a recreational center where kids of all ages hang out, socialize, play sports and take unique classes. Gibby becomes a mentor to four quirky middle-schoolers, helping them break out of their shells and embrace life in true “Gibbehhh” style.

The Haunted Hathaways (Nickelodeon pilot/working title): Life in the Big Easy gets a little more complicated and way more spirited when the Hathaway siblings move into a house occupied by a family of ghosts. The pilot is written by Robert Peacock, who served as writer-producer on several series including Reba, Blue Collar TV and Coupling.

The Thundermans (Nickelodeon pilot/working title): Written by Jed Spingarn, the series follows 13-year-old Phoebe Thunderman, who just wants to be normal — but that’s impossible when she comes from a family of superheroes. While most superheroes are lucky to have one power, Phoebe happens to have 12. A longtime producer for Nickelodeon, Spingarn most recently served as co-executive producer of Big Time Rush.Prior to that, he was a producer on Nickelodeon’s The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius and Johnny Bravo.

Instant Mom (Nick at Nite pilot/working title): Instant Mom centers on a 25-year-old party girl who trades in Cosmos for carpools when she marries an older man with kids. The project is executive produced by Aaron Kaplan (GCB,Terra Nova) with Warren Bell(Ellen, According to Jim, What I Like About You) and Jessica Butler (According to Jim, In Plain Sight) serving as writers/executive producers.

Read it all (and there’s lots more)

Remember when Nick was King of the Kid’z TV Jungle? We’re still waiting for RUGRATS to return.


Felicia Day is TVWriter™’s Newest Hero

…A mutual friend says she, and, more specifically, her web series THE GUILD, inspired DR. HORRIBLE. This makes her a very, very, very important human being in the history of entertainment, does it not?

Of course it does.

Felicia created/wrote/produced/stars in the whole ongoing shmear. 35 episodes and counting. You can find all of them at her YouTube channel. And you definitely should.

Because even if Joss had never done his little YouTube piece, this series, about a young woman and her online friends who have no lives other than those they lead in a web role-playing game, is as funny and charming and sweet and even sometimes as sad as they come.

Peer Production: CURVES

The best reason we know to learn Spanish:

Yeah, we know there are subtitles: Watch it again and read the damn things ‘cuz:

  • This dood can write
  • This video is funny

Thanks to David Galan Galindo

Fox Buys a “Character-Driven Cop Drama”

“Character-driven?” Whenever we hear that label used on a cop show procedural we think of the Helen Mirren UK version of PRIME SUSPECT. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if this could be at least half as good?

That’s Chris Levinson 2nd from left, with, um, her posse?


Fox Buys Detective Drama From Writer Chris Levinson And Chernin Entertainment – by Nellie Andreeva (Deadline.Com)

Fox has made a premium script deal for a character-driven cop-drama from Chernin Entertainment and 20th Century Fox TV. Written by Chris Levinson (Touch), the untitled project centers on a major crimes detective who starts slowly losing his memory. Faced with the prospect of losing his career and family, the cop ends up putting his entire life under surveillance. What begins as an effort to restore missing pieces of his waking hours becomes a 24/7 window into a world where nothing is ever as it appears. WME-repped Levinson executive produces with Peter Chernin and Katherine Pope. The project stems from a two-script deal Levinson inked with Chernin Entertainment last year. She most recently served as a co-executive producer on the Chernin/20th TV drama series for Fox Touch. Her series credits also include Law & Order and Lone Star.