TV Writing Deals

Looks like we’re going to have to rename these posts “Daily TV Writing Deals” cuz there’s a lot going on:

  • Paul Redford (WEST WING, DIRTY SEXY MONEY) is writing the pilot for AMERICA’S SON, an update of none other than Hamlet for Fox. (Word around town is that Shakespeare’s freaking out because he thought Seth MacFarlane should’ve done it.)
  • Christopher Guest (FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION, SPINAL TAP: THE FINAL TOUR) is bringing Fred Willard, Michael McKean and Ed Begley Jr. on board for FAMILY TREE, a comedy series for HBO. (And we hear that Shakespeare thinks it’ll be a hoot.)
  • Patrick Harbinson (24, PERSON OF INTEREST) is writing the pilot for THE 11th COMMANDMENT, a spy series based on the Jeffrey Archer novel of the same name, for NBC. (Rumor has it that Shakespeare is going to sue because he’s absolutely certain that it’s based on one of his sonnets.)
  • Issa Rae (YouTube’s THE MISADVENTURES OF AWKWARD BLACK GIRL) is writing the pilot for I HATE LA DUDES, a sitcom for ABC. (We talked to Shakespeare about this and he says he’s waiting to see a script before expressing any opinion.)
  • NBC has bought THEN CAME ELVIS, a sitcom about a family adapting to divorce. (No writer has been mentioned, but Shakespeare’s agent is on the phone about this one right now.)

More Deals!!!

Cuz no writer ever gets tired of writing meetings money! Wait, if you’re doing it for the money there are better businesses with better incomes. Like plumbing contracting, or banking. So it’s not the money either? Hmm. Must be…love!?

  • Paul Redford (THE WEST WING, DIRTY SEXY MONEY) is rewriting HAMLET, by an old guy named Shakespeare (KING LEAR et al) with a family/political drama called AMERICA’S SON for Fox Network. (Yeah, that’s gonna work as well as that show based on King David’s problems awhile ago. You know, where they rewrote, um, an even older dood named God (THE BIBLE)?)
  • Ben Falcone (HAPPY ENDINGS, UP ALL NIGHT, husband of MIKE & MOLLY star Melissa McCarthy, who is producing this project) and Larry Dorf (THE LOONEY TUNES SHOW) are writing a comedy for CBS about a group of friends who find their lives changed by death at an earlier age than they expected. (Nowthat’s funny, right?)
  • Guillermo del Toro’s best selling vampire book trilogy, The Strain, is being turned into a series for FX, directed by del Toro and co-written by him and his co-writer of the books, Chuck Hogan (PRINCE OF THIEVES). (Well, we need more vampire shows, don’t we? Why so negative? Sheesh!
  • Peter Berg (HANCOCK, FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS) will write and direct a spy pilot, M.I.C.E, for NBC. (We can’t think of a single negative thing to say about Berg except that as an actor he looks kinda snarky. Damn.)
  • David Shore (HOUSE) is writing an untitled legal drama for Fox, featuring an ex-cop lawyer with personal demons who’s trying to get back with his ex-wife. (Hmm, Shore loves that House-Cuddy stalker dynamic, doesn’t he?)
  • Guillermo del Toro (see above) is adapting another book, NUTSHELL STUDIES by Corinne May Botz, for an HBO series, this time co-writing with novelist Sara Gran (SOUTHLAND). (Well, he needs another writer to, you know, actually type in the words, right?)

So the secret to getting into TV is to write a book Guillermo del Toro likes, huh? ‘Scuse us while we throw ourselves into Chapter 1…