A Simple Way to Create Suspense

Do you know who Jack Reacher is? We mean the real, hulking, shit-kicking giant of a hero of 17 novels, not the miniature wimp played last year by Tom Cruise.

Lee Child, author of the following article, is the creator of the real Jack Reacher. And now that we’ve read this we’re going to forgive him for the film and pop over to Amazon.Com for at least one of the books.

Gotta love that ticking clock!
Gotta love that ticking clock!

by Lee Child

How do you create suspense? I’m asked that question often, and it seems that every writers’ symposium has a class with that title. It’s an important technical issue, and not just for so-called suspense novels. Every novel needs a narrative engine, a reason for people to keep reading to the end, whatever the subject, style, genre or approach. read article