LB: Glad You Asked Dept 4/22/13

Yes, you’ve seen the Steve Ditko pic below on TVWriter™  before. Last week, as a matter of fact.


But no, this post isn’t just a repackaged version of the same profoundly helpful verbiage as last time. I’ve decided to make the pic my “Glad You Asked” logo pic. read article

LB: Glad You Asked Dept 4/15/13

God, I love Steve Ditko

Yes, it’s true. In the almost two decades that TVWriter™ has been online I’ve been emailed with more questions about writing and showbiz (and my personal life that’s none of your business, thank you) than I ever would have imagined possible – and yet I’ve never had a Q and A column.

Which is really silly because I’m sure that the questions and maybe even my answers would be interesting and helpful to more than just the questioners. So, at last, here’s the first of many weekly, LB answers your questions and you’re thrilled, awed, and deeply satisfied articles.

At least I hope it’s the first of many. And that even if you’re not thrilled or awed or even satisfied you at least finish reading knowing more about the Wonderful World of TV (what’s the smiley for sarcasm?) than you did before you began. read article