PUNCHING THE CLOWN is a Catchy Title, Don’tcha Think?

…So catchy, in fact, that co-writer-director Gregori Viens and co-writer-star Henry Phillips of the Slamdance Audience-Award winning feature film of the same name, are turning it into a Showtime series, with Chuck Martin of ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT joining the writing mix.

If the series bears any resemblance to the film as described on IMDB, viewers like us – you know, the True Believers in Showbiz – are going to have something solid to watch:

Winner of the Audience Award at the Slamdance Film Festival, this uproarious and smart new comedy tells the story of Henry Phillips, a hapless modern day troubadour who grinds his way through the heartland, living out of his car and singing his twisted satirical songs to anyone who will listen. After a booking mishap involving a Christian fundraiser, he decides he’s hit rock bottom. Seeking to shake things up, he moves to L.A. where his luck changes overnight. Thanks less to his inept manager than to a wild case of mistaken identity, he falls backwards into a string of packed gigs, a record deal and even the promise of love. But he who lives by the whimsy of show business dies by it, and reality hits him like a fist in the face: an innocent miscommunication over a bagel brands him a neo-Nazi in the world of tabloid journalism. Luckily, somewhere between rock bottom and nowhere lies the perfect terrain for his dark and hilarious songs.