7 Subjects We’re Not Going to Post About Today

‘Cuz you’ll be able to get this info on 12,476 other sites. So, in no particular order:

  1. 2012 Emmy Nomination Analyses
    Like, you know, this:
    New shows join Emmy favorites among nominees
  2. Or this:
    Emmy Nominations 2012: My Snappy Judgments
  3. Stories Embarrassing Beloved Stars
    Except maybe this:
    Fred Willard Arrested for Lewd Conduct
  4. Stories About How Much Those Damn Actors/Actresses Make
    Like this:
    Forbes List: 2012 Highest Paid TV Actresses
    (because who cares that Sofia Vergara makes $19 mil/year?)
  5. Puff Pieces Disguised as Human Interest Stories
    Like this:
    Balls of Steel: Screenwriter Losing Vision But Kickstarting Dreams
  6. Anything About THE NEWSROOM and Aaron What-Was-His-Name Again?
    For example:
    Aaron Sorkin On ‘The Newsroom’: NPR
  7. Articles About Directors
    Why promote our natural enemies:
    The Traditionalist