Love & Money Dept – TV Writing Deals for 5/15/14

Latest News About Writers Who Are Doing Better Than We Are
by munchman

  • Rod Lurie (LINE OF FIRE) is developing a Fox “event series” about the Boston Marathon bombing suspects. (Proving conclusively to His Munchiness, AKA, me, that the Rodster has absolutely no judgment. In other words, I admit that I find this disgustingly cynical and just plain grubby.)
  • Andy Parker (newbie?) is writing the pilot for STANISTAN a one-hour drama for USA. (With, obviously a terrible title. Hope Andy can fix that. Rooting for ya, dude!)
  • Carlton Cuse (LOST in case you don’t remember) is developing COLONY, a show about aliens, for USA. (To which munchman can only say that I hope he has an ending in mind this time around…and actually goes to it over the life of the series.)
  • Dan Goor (BROOKLYN NINE-NINE) has a new overall deal with Universal TV, during which he’ll continue as Exec Prod of BROOKLYN and develop some stuff (that I hope is better than the show that’s gotten him this gig.Am I the only one who thinks BROOKLYN NINE-NINE is shallow, amateurish, and just plain goofy? Oh, wait. Of course it is. But those are plusses to network TV execs. I almost forgot.)

Comedy is Hot in TV These Days so Say Hi to Funny Cops

But will they be as funny as the gang on BARNEY MILLER? Or as real? (Or doesn’t real count anymore?)

Cop Comedy from Michael Schur & Dan Goor Sparks Bidding – by Nellie Andreeva

There is a heatwave in Hollywood these days, and it’s not just the scorching temperatures outside. After a sluggish start of the buying season, comedies are getting red-hot with another bidding war. A pitch from the Parks & Recreationduo of co-creator/exec producer/showrunner Michael Schur and co-executive producer Dan Goor was just taken out to the four major broadcast networks, and all are pursuing it. The untitled project, which Schur and Goor will co-write together, is a single-camera comedy about a diverse group of detectives in a precinct at the very edge of New York City. Schur and Goor are executive producing for Universal Television. I hear the NBC-affiliated studio made a strategic decision to take the pitch out wide. It recently did the same with a Jason Katims/Sarah Watson medical drama, which landed at Fox after fielding interest from multiple networks. read article