munchman: Chuck Lorre Wants to Do Drama Series Now

Close your eyes. Concentrate. Can you see it?

  • THE BIG BANG THEORY – Cult police procedural series
  • TWO AND A HALF MEN – Top-rated science fiction buddy show
  • GRACE UNDER FIRE – Under-appreciated tales of our forces in Iraq
  • DHARMA & GREG – Soul Channel fave about one man’s search for his destiny

In other words, the word on campus/around town/in L.A. is that Chuck Lorre, noted sitcom creator-writer-producer, largest money-maker at Warner Brothers TV, and mortal enemy of Charlie Sheen, has extended his Warner’s deal including “a component for feature films Lorre would write, develop and/or direct,” according to Deadline.Com.

As if that isn’t enough, Deadline.Com further adds that “Lorre also plans to expand his turf with forays into drama series and longform projects in addition to developing new comedy shows.” read article