Fear of Writing

Oh, we feel it. Man, do we feel it. I’m sweating just looking at this page:

the scream image yet again

by Charlotte Rains Dixon (WordStrumpet.Com) read article

5 Tips To Getting Published

Some helpful words from an internet writing guru who doesn’t know we exist…oh, the humanity of it all!


by Charlotte Rains Dixon (Wordstrumpet.Com)

So, as most of you know, my novel, Emma Jean’s Bad Behaviordebuts on February 12th. read article

Fundamentals of Fiction

One of the web’s most thoughtful writers writes about fiction on her way cool Wordstrumpet.Com blog:


by Charlotte Rains Dixon (Wordstrumpet.Com)

Novel writing is much on my mind these days.  If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you know that my debut novel, Emma Jean’s Bad Behavior, is due out February 12.  Not only that, but next week I’ll be in Nashville to talk to a local writer’s group and give a workshop about Scene and Structure in fiction.  And, to top it all off, I will be once again offering my teleclass, Get Your Novel Written Now, in March (though early-bird registration is open). read article

Essential Conditions for Writing Success

Our essential condition for writing success is a workable definition of “success.” But Charlotte Rains Dixon is more pragmatic:

writing_stuffby Charlotte Rains Dixon (Wordstrumpet.com)

What, exactly, are the essential conditions for writing success, you ask? read article

12 Ways to Kick-Start Your Writing

If there’s one thing new writers love, it’s articles about getting their reluctant/fearful/who-the-hell knows selves to actually write. Charlotte Rains Dixon, doyenne of writer-advisors, offers her take on how we can all kick ourselves in the pants:


by Charlotte Rains Dixon (wordstrumpet.com)

We are writers. read article