Happy 4th of July

by Larry Brody

Traditionally, today’s a day for relaxing with family, and while I usually suck at that kind of thing, a good portion of the L.A. contingent of the Brody Family is here in town so I’ll be doing my best to be a regular guy:

Fabulous Farmers Market, just 2 blocks from the house!
Barbecue on our rooftop deck, looking out at the Sound!
Fireworks at the old Fort!
Terrified dogs!

TVWriter™ and our Usual Gang of Not Idiots will be back opining, snarking, reporting, and maybe even educating and entertaining tomorrow. Meanwhile, enjoy the day off and try to keep all your fingers. Writers need them, you know. (No, not just to type. To flip off authority. Because flipping off authority is what good writers do.)

Viva La Revolución and LYMI,

A 4th of July Message from (gulp) M-my G-generation

by Larry Brody

…Except that it’s really by John Ostrander, one of my favorite writers of comic books and other wondrous things:

John Ostrander: Displaced
by John Ostrander 

One of the brilliant moves that Stan Lee made in the early issues of The Avengers was to bring Captain America from the 40s into what was then the modern day. He had Cap frozen in ice from the end of WWII until he was thawed out. Cap hadn’t aged, Stan didn’t bring a new guy into the costume, this was the same Steve Rogers and he became a man out of time. A hero of one era moved to a time when just about everyone he knew was dead. And the world as he knew it was gone… read article