Speaking of the Spec Scriptacular…

And now, the kind of e-mail we’re proud to receive, from R.T. Allen, 2nd Place Finisher in the 2012 Spec Scriptacular, TV Movie/Screenplay/Special Division. (Kind of a mouthful. Whew.)


Did I ever tell you that placing third in your contest years ago directly resulted in a cash-hire with Waterman Entertainment (all the Chipmunk movies) to write THE PANDA KING, a children’s feature? If I didn’t, a much belated “thank you”.

A very sincere “You’re welcome,” Robert. And LB says to say hello to Waterman honcho Steve Waterman. Seems he was one of Larry’s agents when he was with ICM back in the day.

Let this be a lesson to you, gang. Our contests have credibility up the wazoo. (Where is the wazoo anyway? And what else is up there? Anybody know?)

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