Speaking of Cutting the Pay TV Cord…

We have no idea what this chart means, but it seems to fit with this article, no?

Bloomberg.Com has some supportive news for those of us who have stopped using/paying for cable and satellite TV.

According to a report from the Convergence Consulting Group 1.08 million pay TV customers canceled their service in 2012, bringing the number of subscribers who’ve said no to their Pay TV Monkeys to approximately 3.74 million since 2008.

Last year’s Pay TV rehabbers were only a scosh over 1% of all Pay TV accounts, but when factored into the overall picture, they’ve certainly done their part in contributing to slowing Pay TV growth. In fact, according to Bloomberg, the whole Pay TV industry is expected to increase by less than 100,000 subscribers in 2013.

We can hardly wait till the current paradigm shift is completed…and we can start complaining about the online video monopoly. Excuse us while we go sharpen our tongues knives.