Some Details About Larry David’s HBO Movie

Cuz we all wanna know, right? It’s about the trendz, baby. So when pitch time comes we know what to take to HBO:

OMG! Larry David is turning into Chevy Chase!
This, you know, can’t be good.

Larry David’s Clear History Adds All-Star Cast Including Jon Hamm – by Jessica Grabert

The last time we heard from Larry David’s new comedy movie, the project was potentially moving from the big screen to subscription cable channel, HBO. All of the details hadn’t been finalized, but, recently, they started shoring up fast. David’s new HBO movie is going to be called Clear History and a slew of cast members, including John Hamm, Bill Hader, Danny McBride, Kate Hudson, Michael Keaton and many more have been added to the lineup.

Adventureland‘s Greg Mottola is directing and executive producing the subscription cable film, which will follow David as Nathan Flomm, a marketing executive who is forced out of his company after an argument causes him to lose a large sum of that company’s money. Flash forward ten years and Flomm will be dealing with a whole set of other troubles. When he learns his former boss will be nearby, the former executive vows to seek his revenge.

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CLEAR HISTORY, huh? Dunno about that one. Seems pretty danged unclear to us. Would you buy the pitch based on this title? Based on the premise? OK, how about based on the fact that it’s Larry David and he has a longstanding relationship with HBO? Yeah, we thought so. Lesson learned: Bring LD to your pitch meeting. ‘Course, you’ll have to give him the whole project first…