See-Read the Illustrated Version of the MOONRISE KINGDOM Screenplay


Nobody can say that Focus Features doesn’t know how to campaign for an award.

The screenplay for the Focus Features film MOONRISE KINGDOM (which we thought was brilliant, btw), written by Wes Anderson & Roman Coppola, has been nominated for the Best Original Screenplay of 2013 Award by 4 different organizations:


We know this because who are members of the WGA got the pic above in an email from the production company that also included – get this – a  47 MB PDF file for an illustrated version of the screenplay.


Reading the script that way is awesome, believe you us. We wanted to share it with everybody at TVWriter™ by posting it here for download but then the usual guys in suits started freaking out about potential legal problems.

Fortunately, there’s another way to go. Well, a place, actually. Cuz MOONRISE KINGDOM, the Illustrated Screenplay is also online. All of it. The, you know, ganze magilla. (That’s showbiz lingo, AKA Yiddish, for “the whole deal.”)

We suggest that you check this out HERE. (But if anybody asks how you got the link you’ve gotta stick to the Code of Silence, all right?) Hella marketing, that’s for sure. Enjoy!

One thought on “See-Read the Illustrated Version of the MOONRISE KINGDOM Screenplay”

  1. Truth in Journalism Dept: My son, Jeb Brody, is President of Production of Focus Features. But munchman wrote this post, not me.

    FWIW, though, I also loved the film and feel the same way about this illustrated screenplay thingie. Kind of like a new art form all by itself.

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