Script Mag Interviews TVWriter™’s Corinna Mendis


Okay, so technically, Corinna isn’t really ours. She belongs to herself. But she did write a very popular article about writing and producing her own pilot (for her series NOT IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD) and we’ve been trying to get her to write more ever since.

Corinna’s been doing more than sharpening her pencils, though. She’s written a couple of awesome specs and placed her talented little hand firmly on the brass ring by being interviewed on a podcast at ScriptMag.Com. (Hey, LB, didn’t you write a column for Script back in the Dark Ages when it was something people held in their hands that was made from trees?)

 Do yourself a favor and read about Corinna’s ScriptMag adventure.

Make that an even bigger favor by listening to the podcast.

And go for the trifecta by watching the opening of NOT IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD HERE.

EDITED TO ADD: We don’t know the ins and outs of ScriptMag’s biz, but it’s come to our attention that the actual source of Corilu’s podcast is TV Writer Podcast.Com, which is a partner of ScriptMag. So you might want to, you know, go there and check out all the goodies they have.