Screw Gatekeepers. The Rock is Making a Film Based on an Interweb Illo


The illustration above is called Sweet Halloween Dreams and was drawn by Alex Panagopoulos and posted to DeviantArt.Com, a site that holds thousands of drawings, paintings, wallpapers, you-name-it, most of it breathtakingly original and beautiful.

The way we here at TVWriter™ hear it, Dwayne Johnson, AKA The Rock, saw the drawing and fell in love with it. A little sweet talk here, a shove there, and New Line Films was the proud owner of the film rights to Sweet Halloween Dreams and busily at work finding a writer and director to implement The Rock’s vision of what a film centered around a teddy bear protecting his boy (or maybe it’s a girl?) should be.

The old paths to success are dead, killed by the gatekeepers who have guarded studio and network doors all too well against invasions by the truly innovative and creative. Sites like DeviantArt are the new way in, and if we had to put how feel about it into one word, that word would be:


(Yeah, we know. We’re so freakin’ corny when we’re positive.)