Read Lena Dunham’s $3.7 Mil Book Proposal

Yeah, she’s 26 years old and just sold a kind of memoir/advice book for a fucking fortune. But we love Lena anyway because…um, because…we think we have a shot at her, that’s why. Right. Yeah.

This is so deluxe! Pics! Cool fonts! Detail! Forget the book. The proposal’s a masterpiece!

Actually, this is one of the best book proposals we’ve ever seen, with “best” described as “it sure as hell got my attention and looks like it’ll be fascinating to its intended audience.”

Download Lena Dunham’s book proposal or read it online atScribd.Com 

EDITED TO ADD: Ms. Dunham’s lawyer has made the usual objections to anybody having access to this file, and the file has been made private. You can, however, read sample selections and also get an insight into the legal battle currently being waged over the proposal at Gawker.Com. Here’s a more detailed view of what’s happening from the New York Daily News.

We’re sorry things have taken this turn because it really was a hell of a proposal and being able to study it would be a super learning experience for any new writer.