Put Your Money on This Future Star of Tomorrow


Kaitlyn Leeb in the upcoming remake of TOTAL RECALL

We don’t know if this proves that more is always better or that it isn’t. But, oh, honey, what lovely prosthetics you have. (If SpinSouthWest.Com and a whole lotta other websites are to be believed – and who wouldn’t believe webber writer types like, well, us?)

We definitely see Kaitlyn becoming a star, but still we wonder about something much more important: Will her silly picture bring us more page views? Time and Google Analytics will tell.

EDITOR’S NOTE: When we composed this post we thought we had a great justification for it, a really cool reason to associate this image with television writing. But the more we look at it, the more we…forget. (Email us or Comment below with a reason. Best one wins…something.)

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