Peggy Bechko: Writer’s To Do List

by Peggy Bechko

Have a lot to do? I know I do.

But in the spirit of procrastination I do find time to wander the web a bit between projects and I came across a rather long post (the equivalent of three pages with – oh horrors – no illustrations) on how to write a writer’s ‘to do’ list and manage it.


Now I don’t to be too sarcastic here and really I don’t intend a slight – in fact it’s good to come across these things so they inspire me to keep it tight, keep it short. Folks just don’t have that much time. Save the long writing for a novel that just insists it wants to keep going.

So I’m going to keep my comments on the lengthy writer’s ‘to do’ list minimal.

Here it is.

I realize there are many folks different from me and I applaud them – I like difference.

However, the question nags. How does one come up with more than three pages on a subject such as a ‘Writer’s To Do List’? I might be able to do it myself, but it would be a stretch and I’d probably find myself getting repetitive.

So I’ve decided to give my own advice on a Writer’s To Do List. And I do keep a running list on my desk in a spiral notebook, my supply of which usually comes from a well-known office supply store around back to school time when I can get them from $.01 to $.05 each. When a page fills I rip it out and recycle (trying to be green conscious).

2008 07 30 041Pretty straight-forward advice:

1. Create the To Do list – i.e. write stuff you have to do in a list on the page.
2. Follow Your list – i.e. read it once in a while to see what you need to do next. First thing in the morning might be good.

**Check off what you manage to accomplish.

To the point? Clear? Got it?

— Of course I am rambling on here as well. Maybe the fun is in the rambling on…I, too, on occasion love to ramble on.

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2 thoughts on “Peggy Bechko: Writer’s To Do List”

  1. ‘A WRITER’S TO DO LIST?!” C’mon, a Writer has only one thing to do! “TELL A STORY”. And there’s no ‘LIST’ for that. You simply take a piece of paper, a pen/typewriter/computer, and write. Starting and Ending with those two magic words: “FADE IN” and “FADE OUT”. And suddenly before you know it… You’re a ‘WRITER’! Trust me. It’s that easy. Now do it! gs

  2. LOL – normally I’d agree with you Gerald, but you’re leaving out of your calculations the novel writers who do much more than just write these days – like create video trailers, promote, social network, create their own covers….and on and on – the ‘list’ grows!

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