Our Soaps are Back!


…On Hulu.


For better or for worse, some of us here at TVWriter™ are addicted to a pair of soaps that were cancelled last year, ALL MY CHILDREN and ONE LIFE TO LIVE.

What is it we’ve loved about them? Nothing respectable, that’s for sure. The acting has always been wooden, the direction non-existent, and the writing? OMG, the best one-word description is dull. As dull as real life.

Don’t get us wrong. The stories are awesome in their total divergence from reality. The exaggerated danger and sexuality and fantasy elements are a very big draw. It’s the dialog that lacks…well, it lacks everything. Sometimes it’s undercooked. Sometimes it’s overblown. But that’s what turns us on. Because it’s so damn real in its banality.

The dialog is what gives a comforting solidity to the characters. It’s exactly the way all the real people we know talk. Not the showbiz peeps, who are constantly one-upping each other with their ultra-clever snark but our neighbors, Paul and Geri, and Aunt Flo, and Cousin Adoree. (Yeah, really, we’ve got a Cousin Adoree. She’s amazingly not-adorable-at-all, and says things that we never, ever listen to. But she ain’t bad looking, nosiree.

But we digress. The point here is that on April 29th, Hulu began releasing new 30-minute episodes of both shows Monday through Thursday, with recaps featuring cast interviews and cool scenes on Fridays. (Hey, that’s today.)

That’s right, we said new episodes. It’s part of their plan to take over the world with their own original programming. (It’s everyone else’s plan on the interwebs to do the same thing, which means we’re in for an Entertainment War. Good times!)

So if you’re a fan, hie thyself over to Hulu.Com and get caught up on:

A note for Susan Lucci fans: Sorry, gang, but she’s still not participating. All we can do is talk to our God and see if  She can change Susie’s mind and bring ‘er on home.