One of TVWriter™’s Birds Has Left the Nest and is Flying On His Own

You may or may not remember TVWriter™ loyal Posting Minion Josh Hudson, who posted here as “The Hudsonian” and demonstrated a passion for NIKITA that “surpatheth all understanding.”

Josh was a stalwart who helped us out just when we needed him, but, alas, it turns out he also has needs of his own. To wit:

Sports from the recliners we all love to preach from.

This is the basis of Everyone who watches sports has something to say, whether it’s cheers for their favorite team or criticism of the refs or the so-called “experts.” We present to you those opinions – the thoughts and musings of the Average Joe.

We cover everyone’s favorite sports, from baseball, football, and basketball, to soccer, hockey, and MMA. We even have a wellness expert who’s there to provide the best tips to getting into shape, and features a new guest every week who is a respected athlete or trainer in the world of sports.

There are blogs and columns to read and podcasts to listen to. There is a little something for everyone, as we build a network of Armchair Elitists who are not scared to share with the world how they really feel.

Come join us, as you kick back with a cold one and begin your sermons in angst of the figures on your TV screen.

Be one with The Armchair Elite.

Good luck with the new site, Josh, and remember, if things go wrong – don’t come crawling back to us, man, you ungrateful @^$#!

Speaking of start-ups, we found this peer produced pilot for an interweb series that addresses the very situation you’re in: