Network Flipflops Dept AKA WTF is Going On in TV These Days?

First, the good news:


Deadline.Com reports that Netflix has expanded its order of the highly awaited return of the previously deceased ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT series from 10 episodes to 12 or possibly even as many as 15. Mitch Hurwitz, the show’s creator-showrunner and prodcos 20th Century Fox TV and Imagine TV have convinced Netflix that it’s in everybody’s best interests, especially the audiences, to give us more, more, more.

Now the bad news:


The Hollywood Reporter tells us (by which we mean humanity, not just TVWriter™) that less than a week after greenlighting WEIRD DESK, an X-FILES clone, for the summer schedule, ABC has shelved the project. Word is that “the decision was made because the series couldn’t be fast-tracked in time for a summer debut — with production costs factoring into the decision.” (Translation: This sucka’s gonna cost way more than we thought. Dayam.)

Ya win some and ya lose some. So it goes.