munchman: Will Amazon Studios Greenlight a Concept Already Dropped by CBS?

Truth in Journalism Dept: Nope, this pic isn’t from BROWSERS, but we’re hoping it could be.

In case  you had any doubts about Amazon’s TV production arm being for reals, Variety.Com today says that Amazon Studios is thisclose “to greenlighting a musical comedy series dubbed “Browsers.”

According to Variety, BROWSERS, written by David Javerbaum (THE DAILY SHOW, Emmys, Grammys, even Peabody Awards up the yinyang), was originally developed at CBS but didn’t make it past the script stage. Possibly because the premise – the adventures of 4 interns at a site not unlike HuffingtonPost.Com – seems to have even less potential than, oh, a series based on yours truly’s own duller-than-the-cobwebs-around-my-social-calendar life.

Still, good  judgment has never been very important when it comes to television. And musicals can be fun if the music is listenable/dance-able. So we applaud Amazon for at least doing something and say, “Bring it on!”

(Won’t Get Fooled Again Dept: OTOH, if all the mumsers are doing is issuing press releases and shows like this one never happen, then screw ’em, they’re just like everyplace else.)


EDITED BY LB TO ASK THE MUSICAL QUESTION: Uh, wasn’t Amazon Studios supposed to be looking for new talent? Javerbaum is like a comedy god and all that, but he ain’t exactly a newby, now is he?