munchman: TVWriter™ Pays Tribute to the Recent Marijuana Initiatives

To be precise, we’re saluting an unsung old sitcom that, as you’ll see, had a lot more going on than it’s usually given credit for.

To be more precise, this little life lesson comes from the old Redd Foxx series SANFORD AND SON…which turns out to be much, much funnier, truer, and more dangerous and disruptive than we remembered:

The real punchline here is that SANFORD AND SON presented this on network TV back in the ’70s, and today, even after the victory of so many marijuana de-criminalization issues on November 6th, we’re very nervous about this post.

Not about the YouTube clip, but about the consequences of using the image of a marijuana leaf vis a vis the visitors to this site. And that’s screwed, folks. Screwed.


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