munchman: Stanley Ralph Ross’ WONDER WOMAN Pilot – 1967


Know how there are some books so bad you wish you could unread them? And films and TV shows you wish you could unsee? 

Well, I just saw the pilot below, for a WONDER WOMAN TV series brought to us by the same geniuses who came up with the ’60s BATMAN show, and believe me when I tell you my eyes are still throwing up.

Your little munchman is, however, a firm believer in finding company for his misery so here are five guaranteed to be unforgettable minutes, courtesy of YouTube. Watch if you dare and never say I didn’t warn you:


EDITED BY LB TO ADD: Good find, munchman. I knew Stanley had written a WW pilot but didn’t realize it had been shot. From the footage here, it seems intended to be much more of a sitcom than the travesty BATMAN was. Anybody know more about this project?