munchman: OMG! A Real TV Pro Who Wants to Read Your Script!


IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA star/co-creator Glenn Howerton has tweeted the following:

Got a great feature length screenplay? Send to IASIP 10201 W PICO BLVD BUILDING 41 SUITE 300 LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA 90064-2651

We have no idea what the dude’s up to, but what the hell, it could be that little foot in the door thing so many of us need. I’ve already sent him my spec screenplay LOVE IS JUST ANOTHER WORD FOR NUTHIN” LEFT TO LOOSE. I know that after he reads it my Destiny Will Be On Its Way.

Mmm, this could be my last post before writing superstardom, so savor it, m’friends.

And send ole Glenn sumthin’ of yer own cuz maybe then we can party together. No! Wait! Don’t send in anything! You might beat me out! Forget this chance. Forget this post! Aargh!

3 thoughts on “munchman: OMG! A Real TV Pro Who Wants to Read Your Script!”

  1. I live in India and entered a Tv script competition where I wasn’t even selected among the ten finalists.
    Can I submit my script to you? (munchman) I have registered it with the WGA and have it on my hard drive.So i can upload it if Munchman will look at it. Are there any charges for reviewing my script?
    My email address is :
    A. Bharvani

    1. munchman here: Thanks for the vote of confidence in my taste, Mr./Ms. Bharvani, but critiquing the work of other new writers isn’t my thing. I get too competitive and otherwise messed up.

      Our feckless leader, LB, does critiques all the time. You can find out what he charges and what you get for the money by clicking on “Larry Brody’s 1-On-1 Career Coaching” in the index on the right side of each page of this site. (It’s under Our Workshops.)

      Dunno what contest you entered before, but if you enter either the People’s Pilot or the Spec Scriptacular you’ll get a free summary of what the judges thought about your entry. It isn’t a full critique, but it’ll guide you in the right direction. Both contests are also listed to the right, at the top of the index column. The entry fee is 40 bucks.

      Good luck with your writing. Hope you do well. (Just not better than me.)


  2. Thanks! I’ll check it out! At least for a while I won’t be better than you. Don’t worry!
    Anup. Bharvani

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