More Love & Money: Recent TV Writing Deals

We’re back! (That was fast, huh?)

  • Seth MacFarlane, Alec Sulkin, and Wellesley Wild (TED, FAMILY GUY) are writing an untitled comedy pilot about a couple of guys whose fathers move in with them for Fox. (Talk about high concept! By which we mean Seth MacFarlane and not necessarily the idea.)
  • Ben Stiller (“Ben Stiller”) and Kevin Napier (THE STATION pilot for Fox) are writing PLEASE KNOCK, a comedy about a star just like, well, Ben Stiller, for ABC. (Hey, we identify with that hero very strongly. But you don’t? Really?)
  • Holly Sorenson (MAKE IT OR BREAK IT) is writing an untitled drama series for ABC about women working in the beauty industry. (Yes, we said “drama.” Proving that development execs have no idea what comedy is.)
  • NBC is developing an unnamed period crime drama centered around Thomas Edison, with an unnamed writer. (Proving that development execs have no idea what anything is.)