Mixed Blessings on the Way for Hulu Users

Because everything in life is a mixed blessing, right? Except girlfriends. Girlfriends are awesome. (Really, sweetie, you are.)

Are the Networks About to Completely Screw Up Hulu? – by Kyle Wagner

It looks like Hulu could be in for some major changes. Variety has acquired a confidential memo regarding changes the streaming service is considering following the buyout of one of its owners in September. They’re just speculation for now, but they sound like a pain for viewers and bad, bad news for Hulu.

It’s like this: Hulu is owned by Comcast (NBC), News Corp (FOX), Disney (ABC), and Providence Equity Partners, which helped fund it. Providence is being bought out, and that means more power for the networks. Which means more pains in your butt when it comes to ABC and FOX shows. And the only reason NBC is immune is that Comcast can’t make any changes to its agreement, as a term of its deal to acquire the network.

Here are the changes Variety quotes from the memo:

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We used to think that the exciting thing about being in showbiz would be our involvement in the creative process, premieres, galas, and having a parking space at Paramount (not necessarily in that order). Turns out that what really gets the blood – and adrenalin – pumping is all the scheming, plotting, and stabbing. The Industry is a giant chess tournament, with everybody in it looking to be crowned King of the Bottom Line.

Hey, we just made that up. But not bad, huh?