munchman: Media Bistro Cares About Writers

…so much that they’ve got a whole list of potential side jobs that won’t interfere with your calling.

Great Side Gigs for Journalists and Writers
Need a Plan B for your career? Give these jobs a try
By Amanda Ernst

When you think of alternative careers or side jobs a wordsmith could do, freelance reporting, blogging, writing, consulting or editing copy for any variety of industries come immediately to mind. But, beyond the obvious career moves, there are a whole slew of other fields that journalists can dabble in as side jobs or as a full-fledged career transition. Here are a few suggestions, and some former and current journalists who are doing them, to get you thinking about a new career direction….

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Oops, waittaminnit. Turns out there’s a slight problem here, in the very next sentence:

Yes, that’s right, starving writers everywhere. All you need to see these great gigs is $55/year, or, if you want to dig a little deeper and trust a little more, $89/2 years, and no, it doesn’t end there ‘cuz:

“Note: At the end of your term, we will automatically renew your subscription and charge your credit card…”

Wow, how wonderful/helpful/generous of you – asshats.

In words I’m pretty sure our BL (Beloved Leader) LB (Larry Brody) would approve of:

“Screw you.”



One thought on “munchman: Media Bistro Cares About Writers”

  1. I used to use Media Bistro a few years ago. You could pay 20.00 a year to see the “premium” jobs, but the little side jobs you could access for free. So they *used* to be nice to writers.

    Munchman, didn’t you know writers are rich?

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