Love & Money: Recent TV Writing Deals 10/2/12

Our new sorta permanent image for deal announcements. Work for you?
  • Evan Daugherty (SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN) is re-tooling a drama pilot based on the comic Midnight Mass for NBC. (because feature credits are the best way to break into TV…but if you have a solid feature film career why would you want to?)
  • Michael Cooney (IDENTITY) is writing the pilot for GASLIGHT, a soft, steampunk (!) drama, for ABC. (Um, yes, another feature writer type. Getting the pattern here?)
  • Dana Stevens (CITY OF ANGELS) is writing the pilot for RECKLESS, a drama about the complicated relationship between two opposing lawyers for CBS. (Yes, Ms. Stevens is a feature writer.)
  • Matthew Carlson (MALCOLM IN THE MIDDLE, THE WONDER YEARS) is adapting the feature film, ABOUT A BOY, into a series for ABC. (Okay, so he isn’t a feature guy – but would this be in development if it hadn’t been a popular film?)

Lotsa writing deals were announced over the past week. We’ll be back soonish with more of them. (And our groovy “love/money” pic. Well, we think it’s groovy anyway. But then, we’re the kind who think the word “groovy” is groovy so what do we know?)