Love & Money Dept – TV Writing Deals for 2/25/13

Latest News About Writers Who Are Doing Better Than We Are
  •  James Yoshimura (HOMICIDE, TREME) is joining HOMELAND as a writer and consulting producer. (The “consulting producer” thing probably means some other writer’s deal on the show kept the studio from giving him Exec Prod. credit, but he needed the gig and took it this way instead.)
  • Billy Ray (THE HUNGER GAMES) has a deal with Universal to write the script for its MUMMY remake. (Nope, this isn’t a TV deal, but we do want y’all to know how showbiz in general works. The MUMMY project already has a screenwriter, Jon Spaithts (PROMETHEUS), but the studio is putting a competing screenplay into work because they’re such treacherous bastards you never know how well anyone’s script will come out.)
  • If  you know Zooey Deschanel and haven’t yet hit on her for a gig, now’s the time – especially if you’re a writer. Ms. D and her company just signed a development deal with 20th Century Fox TV, which means they’ll be looking for projects. (This has been a public service announcement. But don’t be shy. We’ll be glad to take 10% if you make a deal.)
  • Chris & Paul Weitz (AMERICAN PIE, ABOUT A BOY) are writing and producing the pilot for REAMDE as a TV series for Fox, based on Neal Stephenson’s book of the same name. (Because God forbid that a television writer should get the television writing gig on a property that probably cost so much to buy. Those TV guys can’t be trusted, y’know. Especially with, um, TV.)