Love & Money Dept – TV Writing Deals for 12/8/12

Latest News About Writers Doing Better Than We Are

  • Liz Tigelaar (LIFE UNEXPECTED) is redoing her ABC drama pilot JONESES for Bravo. (A family with a secret moves to the burbs. Ooh!)
  • Krista Vernoff (GREY’S ANATOMY) is writing the pilot for RITA for Bravo, which will be adapted from a Danish drama series. (A teacher raises her teenage children while facing such vicissitudes as bureaucracy and overprotected parents at her schoo. Ooh, ooh!)
  • Michael Caleo (the upcoming MALAVITA) is writing a pilot for a rebooted version of IRONSIDE for NBC. (Genius cop in wheelchair torments his team by actings even jerkier than Dr. House while solving crimes. Oy!)
  • Alex Winter (actor in BILL AND TED, etc.) & Steven Pearl (?)  are writing the pilot for RIGHTS OF BILL for AMC. (Small town sheriff creates his own militia, becoming an outlaw while remaining a lawman. (Oy, oy!)

Sorry. We were working toward a punchline here with the “ooh” and “oy” thing, but it didn’t pan out because we couldn’t find our ending “Ahh.” Depressing, isn’t it? Hmm, wonder if instead of done deals we should write about the concepts that didn’t get sold? Like, you know, the good ones?

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