Love & Money Dept – TV Writing Deals for 12/24/12

Latest News About Writers Doing Better Than We Are

  • Gary Anthony Williams (WEEDS) & Sindy McKay (various animated TV shows) are writing THE FOSTERS, a comedy about foster children, for NBC. (No, this isn’t the same project that Jennifer Lopez is producing at ABC Family. But what’s a little confusion between friends?)
  • Whit Brayton & Zack Rice (Sorry but we haven’t been able to learn much about them) are writing the USA pilot ZORRO, set in modern day L.A. (Yes, this isn’t your grandfather’s Zorro, but what did we say about confusion?)
  • Michelle McGrath (another writer we can’t find out anything about, oy!) has written the pilot for GALLERINA, E!’s series about a young woman trying to make a name for herself in the art world. (Does this sound as totally boring to you guys as it does to us? Now we really want to find out more about the writer and how she got this thing going.)
  • Lydia Diamond is adapting her play STICK FLY into a drama about prejudice, hypocrisy, and adultery for HBO. (Which sounds incredibly interesting to us…except for the prejudice, hypocrisy and adultery stuff cuz we’ve definitely seen, felt, and maybe even eaten that stuff before.)