Love & Money Dept – TV Writing Deals for 11/4/12


“Writing for money is a totally unfulfilling waste of time. Writing for love, though, can often end up making you a ton of money.” (Anon.)
  • Leslie Levings, creator of The Beastlies monster figurines, reports that she’s signed on to develop her creations into an animation project for J.J. Abrams’ company BAD ROBOT. (Which we think is really cool because it proves you don’t even have to be a writer to create a TV series these days, and writing being as hard as it is, hey, this is really awesome!)
  • Jamie Paglia (EUREKA) is writing the pilot for an ABC drama called EVOLVE, based on the Toxic City trilogy by Tim Lebbon. (Which we think is doubly cool because not only has Jamie aced out the writer of the books, the title is totally different so that none of their readers will ever suspect something they love is about to be on the air. Oh, waitaminnint, that doesn’t sound quite right, does it?)
  • Lew Schneider (EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND) & Rick Marin are adapting Marin’s Kindle Single memoir, Keep Swinging, in a sitcom for ABC. (Which we think is triply cool because, hey, Kindle, self-published stuff, making good…something all of us dream of, right? Right?)
  • Jonathan Ames (BORED TO DEATH) is writing a BORED TO DEATH TV movie for HBO. (Which is quadrupaly cool because a) it was our favorite show all 3 years it was on the air b) we got the word personally from this dood named Ted Danson and we’re just all giddy cuz he even spoke to us. HBO’s official response to this, btw, is silence, but screw them. Ted’s the Man!)

2 thoughts on “Love & Money Dept – TV Writing Deals for 11/4/12”

  1. C’mon, Anon, “Writing for money…” is my turf! Remember, ‘Write to tell a story, and not SELL a story!” And on a SUNDAY, too! Knew I shoulda registered that with the WGA! gs

    1. Hmm, I wondered what happened to Anon. Looks like s/he’s still working. And stealing from you too…from the best.

      (Altho legally speaking you can’t steal an idea, just the expression of it, and this version isn’t expressed nearly as succinctly as yours.)



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