And The Most Profitable 1/2-Hour TV Show in History is…

Yep, it’s SEINFELD!

Jerry & the real George AKA Larry David

According to the New York Post, SEINFELD has earned more money since it went off the air than the gross national product of most countries – $2.7 billion.

This particular info, usually top secret, was revealed at an investors’ conference last month, when Time Warner bragged to potential investors that reruns of the series on broadcast TV have grossed $2.3 billion since 1998, with another $380 mil coming in from cable reruns. SEINFELD consists of 180 episodes, so you can figure that each half-hour of the series has made more than $14,000,000 so far.

According to Forbes Mag, Jerry Seinfeld’s take from all this has been between $65 and $80 million each fucking year, and Larry David’s share, as co-creator, is in the same ballpark.

What this teaches us is two things:

  1. If you want to be a rich TV writer, be a comedy writer.
  2. Better yet, be Larry David
  3. If you want to be an even richer TV writer, and you aren’t sure how far your talent can get you, be very good friends with Larry David. (Or Jerry Seinfeld; what the hell.)

Okay, so that’s three things. Once you’re that rich it won’t even matter if you can count.

Aren’t you glad you read this helpful post?

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  1. Wait a second! What happened to my ‘DON’T WRITE TO SELL A STORY, BUT TO TELL A STORY’? Suppose Larry Cohen thought that way?!!! gs

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