Love & Money Dept – TV Writing Deals for 11/25/12

Ratings & Demos Note: We’ve been amazed to learn via our own internal ratings system that Luv & $$ is the least read department of TVWriter™. But we’re forging ahead anyway cuz everybody knows ratings are bogus.

  • Jessie Miller & Bennett Wolin (no credits cuz they’re newbies – yay, newbs!) have sold a sitcom pilot script, THE MESSED UPTONS, to NBC. (Hey, didja catch that subtle pun in the title? Not bad, huh?)
  • Neil Tokin (RICHIE RICH) is adapting Kate Braestrup’s novel, Here If You Need Me, as a “spiritual” drama series pilot for CBS. (Whatcha think of that “spiritual” thing? Yeah, we’re pretty meh about it too, even without knowing any details.)
  • Novelist Ayelet Waldman is writing LOCO, a CBS drama about a couple who take in their best friends’ “unusual and gifted” children when said friends are killed. (Askin’ yourself if you coulda sold this idea if it’d been yours? Yeah, us too…and we all know what the answer is, don’t we?)
  • Kenan Thompson (SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE) is writing, producing, and starring in an untitled NBC sitcom about a New Yawk kinda guy who moves into his in-laws’ house in the burbs. (Askin’ yourself if his wife moves in with him? Yeah, us too…but maybe she won’t cuz that way there’s more casting money for, you know, Kenan?)

3 thoughts on “Love & Money Dept – TV Writing Deals for 11/25/12”

  1. So, I was wrong. I shoulda said, “YOU MUST WRITE TO SELL A STORY, AND NOT TELL A STORY.” Still, I was close. gs

  2. FWIW Dept: The first thing I ever sold to television was a pitch/premise for a comedy similar to LOCO, about a guy who takes in his best friends’ gifted daughter after her parents are killed in an accident. It never made it to the air even tho it had a star attached. But an option on my 1st and only spec screenplay was part of the deal, and that spec led to my first feature writing assignment, at MGM, which was still a real studio back then. And that feature assignment led to all the rest of my TV work. Ah, 1968, you were a very special year!

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