Love & Money Dept – TV Writing Deals for 10/13/12

Some news about our most beloved peers:

  • Ty and Duncan Burrell (Ty’s a star of MODERN FAMILY, Duncan’s his bro) will co-write an untitled comedy about – surprise! – their lives as kids for ABC (because if there’s one thing actors truly believe it’s that their lives are made-for-TV)
  • J.J. Abrams, Bryan Burk (ALIAS) and a whole bunch more producers are prepping ELECTROPOLIS, a drama series about undercover cops lurking amid the hipsters who frequent late-night L.A. clubs for the CW. No word on who’s writing this one (probably because nobody who’s heard about the project can stay awake long enough to wait for the writer’s name.)
  • Carlton Cuse (LOST) & Ryan Condal (a newbie with a bunch of as-yet-unmade deals) are writing a pilot for NBC based on the graphic novel series The 6th Gun (not to be confused with, say, THE SIX GUN because the title of the book series is so much more, erm, clever. Yeah, clever. Right.)
  • Andrew Leeds & David Lampson (nope, no writing credits here, but as an actor Leeds did play a serial killer on BONES) are writing CONFESSIONS OF A BACKUP DANCER, a drama pilot based on the book of the same name by Tucker Shaw (and we really hope they get it right – this is the 3rd time the CW has tried to develop this series – because as a writer Leeds has to be less dull than he is was as last seasons “Big Bad” on BONES. )