LOUIE is Taking a Break to Rest on its Laurels

…and, according to Louis C.K., recharge after the exhaustion of producing-writing-directing all those short little episodes that won LCK all those Emmy noms and the Big Statue itself for Best Comedy Writing.

Looks like LCK’s a little stressed out by his recent success. According to Jon Weisman on Variety.Com:

“The last three seasons have been this surge of fun and work and stories and it’s been great, but I want the show to keep getting better,” C.K. said in a conference call with reporters today. “That’s my goal, and I don’t want it to be making the donuts, I want it to be something that comes from somewhere important and stays funny. It’s a luxury I asked for … season four is my job right now, but I’m going to take a whole lot of time to turn it in.

“I want season four to go somewhere new, even if it’s only a slight shift….”

“You have to live as an artist in order to grow and recharge your batteries, and sometimes there’s not enough time to live when you have a really successful show.”

C.K. said that he’s “eager” to get back on the air but that the desire to make the show better superceded that, though he realized he was putting more pressure on himself to deliver.

Fair enuff, dood. Seeya in ’14, fresh as a daisy, bright, original and funny. (Ha! You thought we were going to go off on him, didn’t you? Actually, so did we…except we couldn’t find anything to go off about. Anybody got some smut about Louis?)