LB: Sherlocks, Sherlocks, Everywhere, But This is My Favorite

by Larry  Brody

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So here we are in the middle of another of the periodic deluges of Sherlock Holmes re-imaginings, re-boots, and pastiches, some of which were, are or will be wonderful, others of which were/are/will be trash. Which got me to thinking: Over the years, which branch of the Holmes tree have I enjoyed the most?

The thought process didn’t last very long because the answer came to me instantly: A little (well, it was big for its time) film called THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS made in 1971 and starring what I now see as a “young” George C. Scott and an even younger Joanne Woodward.

Written by James Goldman, who adapted his own play, and directed by Anthony Harvey, this film captivated me back in the day, and a recent look (via Netflix) kept the enchantment alive.

Three Oscar winners! (Goldman,  Scott, and Woodward.) An Oscar nominee! (Harvey, who got royally screwed out of his.) And a heroic, who’s-really-crazy-after-all tale about a New York judge gone bonkers and the psychiatrist who’s supposed to commit him but instead falls in love!

THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS is Sherlock Holmes meets Don Quixote, written by a giant of a writer and brought to life by a cast and crew every bit as big. With a heroic finish that more than justifies any tiny lapses that come before. If you don’t like Netflix, watch on YouTube (before some asshat makes them take it down).

Whoa, two positive reviews in two weeks. And this time I’m not related to anyone involved in the creation or distribution of the film. Excuse me while I take a bow.

 (part 1 of the whole film, with links to more)

Author: LB

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