LB: Erik Mountain Blows Me Away


Just watched my DVR’d copy of last week’s PERSON OF INTEREST: DEAD RECKONING and enjoyed the hell out of it, as I enjoy all episodes of this show.

I mean, how could I not? It’s Batman if he were in the current/real world. No costume. No cave. Just attitude and badassery and computer hacking the way we all suspect it should be.

In other words, this time they got Bats Completely Right.

In this particular episode, however, I discovered something even more special than usual about its crunchy goodness.

It was written by PERSON OF INTEREST Story Editor Erik Mountain.

The same Erik Mountain who, just a few years ago, won the Grand Prize in the TVWriter™ 2006 Spec Scriptacular Contest for his spec BREAKING BAD, and whose name I’ve seen on – gotta count now, where the hell are my fingers? – 1, 2, 3, at least 4 different episodes.

Thanks for bringing so many people, including myself, so much pleasure, Erik dood. This is just the beginning for a Very Talented Guy.

Oh – almost forgot. Erik’s BREAKILNG BAD not only won the Spec Scriptacular, it also got him into the Warner Brothers Writers Workshop. Why not read a little interview with him about that?

Hey, it's Erik!
Hey, it’s Erik!


Read a spoiler-laden synopsis.

Find out more about the Spec Scriptacular

2 thoughts on “LB: Erik Mountain Blows Me Away”

  1. Hey Larry– just saw this. Thanks so much for the kind words. You’re right– writing a spec for the Spec Scriptacular helped get the ball rolling for me. Your encouragement and advice were very useful and much appreciated. Hope you’re doing well and continuing to share your wealth of knowledge!


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