Just When You Thought You’d Seen the Dullest Possible Series…

…Along comes – tada! – J.Lo:

Jennifer Lopez Developing Drama Project for ABC Family
by Philiana Ng

ABC Family is looking to get into business with Jennifer Lopez.

Under Nuyorican Productions, the American Idol judge is developing an untitled hourlong drama project for the younger-female-skewing cable network centered on a lesbian couple, who already has several children, bringing a teenager into their home…

Lopez will serve as an executive producer on the project along with Simon Fields, GregGugliotta (Beautiful Girl), as well as co-creators/writersPeter Paige and Brad Bredeweg (Fly Girls).

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Aw, our little girl’s all growed up… Not J.Lo, ABC Family. Congratulations on entering the 21st Century, ABC Family…just a tad too late for it to matter.

Alternate Comment that we discarded: Just imagine yourself pitching this. Now try it without the smirk. Go ahead…