Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage Rule at Paramount

Writers making money! Writers making movies! Writers making demands!

Now that’s what we call a sacred Trinity!

No, they aren’t a romantic couple. Dood’s married to somebody else. (Romantic trio, anybody?)

Paramount Re-Ups Fake Empire’s Josh Schwartz And Stephanie Savage – by Mike Fleming

Paramount Pictures has re-upped Fake Empire partners Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage to a first look feature deal that keeps them at the studio through 2014. The duo has been at the studio since 2010.

Deal comes as the shingle’s first Paramount  film, the Schwartz-directed Fun Size, hits theaters October 26, 2012. The film is based on the Black List script by Max Werner about a teen (Victoria Justice) who loses her oddball little brother on Halloween and has one desperate night to track him down. Savage and Schwartz produced with Anonymous Content.

Fake Empire continues its television deal at Warner Bros Television and will have four series on the air in 2012-13 television season, including new series The Carrie Diaries and Cult, as well as Hart Of Dixie and Gossip Girl, which wraps its run after six seasons. Schwartz and Savage have used the arms of the company to cultivate new talent. Amy Harris moved from Gossip Girl to create The Carrie Diaries and Leila Gerstein moved from Gossip Girl writer to Hart Of Dixie creator. Chris Fedak, who with Schwartz hatched the series Chuck, wrote the feature Au Revoir, Crazy European Chick. Former WME agent Lis Rowinski is Fake Empire features president and Jay Marcus is features creative exec while ex-WBTV exec Len Goldstein is president of TV production.

Hmm, our roommate just asked if Josh and Stephanie are “nice people.” Which reminded me of a story our boss, LB, tells about his Glen Larson days. “Glen was really upset about us being behind schedule. So upset that he glared at me and said, ‘I’d hire Hitler as a writer if he could deliver on time!’ Then he smiled and poured me another glass of Mondalvi red, ’76.”

So we don’t know what kind of peeps J and S are, but they’re doing well and – lookit those names in the last paragraph above! – seem to be bringing other bright people up with them. In showbiz that makes them very, very “nice” indeed.

Pass the Mondalvi, please.