It’s Official: Dan Harmon is No Longer an Underdog

Another day, another deal. We’re thinking NBC did Dan a favor:

COMMUNITY’s Dan Harmon Also Signs TV Deal with CBS – by Adam Chitwood

Following his very public ousting from the showrunner position at NBC’s Community, fans were eager to know where Dan Harmon’s inevitable new series would pop up.  As the key creative force behind the brilliance of Community, Harmon fielded interest from a number of networks.  It appeared as though we had our answer when news broke last week that Harmon was nearing a deal with Fox for a new multi-camera comedy series, but now word comes that Harmon is alsopenning a project for CBS.

Per TV Line, Harmon has signed a second “blind script deal” at CBS, where he’ll pen another multi-camera comedy project that will be produced by CBS TV Studios.  With both new projects being of the multi-camera format (and with one of them at CBS), it appears as though Harmon may be trying to prove that he can reach wide audiences in addition to the niche market that he cornered on Community.

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What if – gasp! – this was Dan’s plan all along? He drove NBC crazy just to get out of his deal there and be in a position to grab something better while he was hot.

Hey, we kinda like that idea. Maybe Dan can take that one to the CW. They could use a good paranoid conspiracy soap opera comedy, don’t you think?