It Ain’t Easy Being New

How many times have you been told to “get it in writing” when you make any kind of writing deal? Written guarantees are important, sure, but they don’t always stick…even in the Big Leagues, especially when you’re a noob:

ABC Series Dumps Rookie Showrunner (TVBizwire)

An ABC series has changed showrunners, with the network and the studio reportedly dissatisfied with the original showrunner’s inexperience. reports that Bobby Bowman has stepped down as executive producer and showrunner of the midseason comedy series “The Family Tools.” Bowman, who adapted the show from the British comedy “White Van Man,” will be replaced by Joshua Sternin and Jeffrey Ventimilia of “That ’70s Show,” the story notes.

ABC and ABC Studios wanted showrunners with experience, as the project marked Bowman’s first series as a creator or showrunner, the story notes.

What do you suppose Dan Harmon would say?