Isn’t “Idealistic Secret Service Agent” a Contradiction in Terms?

Rand Ravich, this minute’s man of the hour (Huh? What did we say?)

Yes, it’s true. We’re feeling very cynical today, and it’s affected our reaction to news from NBC that they’ve bought an “untitled drama project” from Rand Ravich and Fox TV. Ravich was the creator-showrunner of the NBC series, LIFE, which limped through two undistinguished seasons before biting the dust…just when it was starting to get interesting to us, which probably explains why we aren’t running the network.

According to NBC, the series is an action thriller (can you have a thriller that doesn’t have action? Like, you know, a passive thriller?) about a Secret Service agent who ends up at the hub of international crisis on Day 1 of his gig and has to face the fact that ideals and reality don’t always go together, especially in Washington D.C.

Or something like that. Doesn’t matter. We’ve seen countless variations before. This is another show that will be all about the execution, starting with the tone, style, and structure of the pilot script. As of now, we’re assuming Ravich will be the writer, but we don’t know for sure. So if you’re interested it’s time to call your agent, manager, or well-connected (to NBC and/or Rand Ravich) lover and get your part of this show on the road.

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