Dr. Dre Gets the Network Development Deal You/We Didn’t

Dr. Dre looking as writerly as he can. Which isn’t very. Not that it matters because he’s for sure a kind, sensitive, gentle, and creative soul.

FX has signed Dr. Dre, known primarily as a rapper-record producer-record executive-entrepreneur, to develop a script for a one-hour drama. In this case “develop” doesn’t mean “write” because there’s already another writer involved, Sidney Quashie.

The circumstances here indicate that Quashie, who isn’t pictured here even though we like to highlight the writers in these deals whenever possible because we couldn’t find his pic on the web, didn’t have the pull to make this deal himself so he allied himself with Dr. Dre. We’re not saying this is fact, but it seems like a reasonable conjecture. After all, if Quashie did have what it takes his picture would probably be all over the web. (Because, children, that’s at least one of the things it takes.)

All we’ve been able to find out about the series is that it’s set in L.A. and is about music and gangsters. Here’s hoping everything gels and the show and its personnel make it through the development process and onto the air without ticking off any real gangsters.